Schenker's Formenlehre, edited by / a cura di Alessandro Cecchi


  • Alessandro CecchiGuest Editor's Note / Nota del curatore
  • Jason HooperAn Introduction to Schenker's Early Formenlehre: Implications for His Late Work (abstract)
  • Marc RigaudièreSome Considerations on Schenker's Position in the FormenlehreTradition (abstract)
  • Frank SamarottoThe Urlinie, Melodic Energies, and the Dynamics of Inner Form (abstract)
  • Alessandro CecchiLooking beyond the Surface: Form, Force and Structure in Kurth and Schenker (abstract)
  • Nicolas Meeùs, Formenlehre in Der freie Satz: A Transformational Theory (abstract)
  • Christopher BrodyThe Independence of Structural Parameters in Schenkerian Accounts of Tonal Form (abstract)
  • Steven D. MathewsEvaluating Schenkerian Analysis as a Complement to Sonata Theory, Formal Functions and Italian Schemata (abstract)
  • Joel GalandSome Schenkerian Implications for Sonata Theory (abstract)
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