The series aims to examine compositions that belong to the most famous and performed repertoires. Every individual composition is inserted in its original historical context, accompanied by a in-depth investigation into its origin and subsequent ascent. The musical text is furtherly overviewed from an analytical standpoint founded on the plurality of manuscript and printed sources and on the compositional structures. One of the most innovative and extensive parts of the series is the one focused on interpretation problems, where interpretative perspectives are thoroughly examined. The series wants to create a stable basis in order to build an organic relationship between historical and analytical studies, on one hand, and the music-making and listening experience on the other.

The series bases its work on the growth of those listeners for whom the musical experiences is based and indissolubly linked to a deep cultural motivation. History, musical text and interpretation problems have the power to become, for those listeners, many different doors to the magnificent musical realm.

Books in the series:

Guido Salvetti, Le Sonate per pianoforte e violoncello di Johannes Brahms (link)
Marino Pessina, Le ballate di Fryderyk Chopin (link)
Alfonso Alberti, Le Sonate di Claude Debussy (link)
Maria Grazia Sità - Corrado Vitale, I Quartetti di Béla Bartók. Contesto, testo, interpretazione (link)


The series is edited under the scientific advise of the Società Italiana di Musicologia in collaboration with GATM - Gruppo Analisi e Teoria Musicale. It is published by:

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Editorial board
: Bianca Maria Antolini, Mario Baroni, Rossana Dalmonte, Guido Salvetti (coordinatore), Licia Sirch

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