The GATM is an Association that aims to promote and diffuses new analytical and theoretical knowledges in the field of music in Italy. The Association was created in 1989 by five associations of musicologists and in 2002 it became an association of individual scholars. On the site of the GATM you can find all the necessary information about the activities of the Association, together with information on publications and how to sign up.

Any one interested may become a member of the Association subscribing to the Rivista di Analisi e Teoria Musicale and participating personally in the organization of its activities.

GATM publishes with LIM (Libreria Musicale Italiana, Lucca) two annual issues of the Rivista di Analisi e Teoria Musicale (Journal of Music Theory and Analysis, with articles in Italian, English, French, German and abstracts in English) and the series Manuali d’analisi e teoria musicale (Manual for analysis and music theory) for Universities and Conservatoires of Music. With the same publishing house and in collaboration with the Società Italiana di Musicologia, GATM also publishes the series Repertori Musicali. Storia, Analisi, Interpretazione (Musical repertoire. History, Analysis, Interpretation). Furthermore it collaborates to the online journal Analitica. Online Journal of Musical Studies (in, that publishes articles and reviews in English/Italian) and each year it organizes the Convegno di Analisi e Teoria Musicale (Conference of Music Theory and Analysis).

The Chairman of the Association is Egidio Pozzi, while the Executive Board includes Catello Gallotti (Vice-President) and Giuseppe Sellari (Secretary). The members of the Scientific Committee are present both as individuals and as representatives of the founding associations. They are: Mario Baroni, Giuseppe Sellari (representative of SIEM), Luca Marconi (IASPM), Rossana Dalmonte, Guido Salvetti (SIDM), Susanna Pasticci, Egidio Pozzi, Giorgio Sanguinetti, Catello Gallotti, Antonio Cascelli, Alessandro Bratus, Marco Lutzu, Antonio Grande.

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