The 8th European Music Analysis Conference (EuroMAC–8) will be organized in Belgium, in Leuven from 14 to 21 September 2014, by the Dutch-Flemish Society for Music Theory (VvM), in association with the Musicology Department of the University of Leuven, and with the collaboration of GATM (Gruppo Analisi e Teoria Musicale), SFAM (Société Française d'Analyse Musicale), SBAM (Société Belge d’Analyse Musicale), SMA (Society for Music Analysis), GMTH (Gesellschaft für Musiktheorie), and the Russian Society for Music Theory (OTM).

In order to display all information concerning this event, a web page has been erected:

This web page provides all essential information concerning the conference (call for papers, registration affairs, etc.). The web page also contains a so-called conversation room; the purpose of this ‘room’ is to stimulate discussions between colleagues to exchange proposals and ideas on possible sessions. We would like to invite you all to become a member of this conversation tool. By doing so, you will be informed on all ongoing proposals and plans. There are two possible ways to participate in this conversation room:

1. As a passive member (you will get e-mails when new messages are posted):
  a. Send an empty e-mail to Euromac-2014+ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ;
  b. You will receive an e-mail from Google Groups. Reply to this mail;
  c. You should from now on receive e-mails whenever new messages are posted in the conversation room.
2. As an active member (you will be able to contribute to discussions on the EuroMAC website)
  a. Surf to!forum/euromac-2014;
  b. Click ‘Sign in’;
    i. If you have a Google account (e.g. a gmail account): Sign in with your username and password;

ii. If you don’t have a Google account, you will need to create one by clicking on the red button which says ‘Sign up’ (you can use an existing e-mail address)

  c. Click on the blue button ‘Join’;
  d. d. From now on you can post your own messages or react to others at this Google Groups page (which is also embedded as the conversation room on the EuroMAC website).

For further information and for proposal submission see the conference website:

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