Master in Music Theory and Analysis (University of Calabria, A.A.2019-20)


The Master aims to introduce historians, musicologists, students, teachers and performers to the different areas of theoretical and analytical research, developing specific knowledges and skills, providing proper tools to deepen the theoretical and analytical experience, and developing skills for the implementation of articles and specialized texts. The objectives of the course were defined according to the following six points:

- the study of the historical and historiographical aspects that marked the birth and development of theoretical-analytical discipline;

- a thorough overview of theoretical-practical knowledge concerning conceptions of form and modal and tonal harmonic-contrapuntal writing;

- the study of the main analytical methodologies used in Western music and found in international musicological literature both from a theoretical point of view and through practical exercises, training and seminars;

- the development of a greater awareness of the relations between music analysis and interpretation;

- a study of the analytical methodologies developed within specific repertories, including the avant- guard and musical experimentation in the 20th century, ethnic traditions, jazz, African-American music and popular music; 

- an introduction to a few specific sectors of theoretical-analytical research such as semiotics, hermeneutics, cultural studies, theories of perception and the cognitive sciences, as well as enquiries on repertories linked to information technology. 

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