XIX International Conference of Music Analysis and Theory

XIX International Conference of Music Analysis and Theory

New boundaries between text and performance

20, 21, 22, 23 October 2022

Giuseppe Martucci Conservatoire in Salerno (Italy)

The Italian Society for Music Analysis and Theory, in collaboration with the Conservatoroire G. Martucci in Salerno, organises the XIX Conference of Music Analysis and Theory. The conference is planned to be held in person from 20 to 23 October 2022 at the G. Martucci Conservatoroire of Salerno. Mixed and / or online participation modalities will be activated if the public-health situation makes it necessary. Scholars are invited to submit proposals on topics related to music analysis and theory. The conference welcomes contributions concerning any musical genre, historical period and geographical region. Proposals can be analytical, theoretical and / or empirical-experimental. Furthermore, the conference proposes a reflection on the relationship between analysis and performance, and celebrates the centenary of the birth of the composer Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001). Proposals in the research areas listed below are particularly encouraged; nevertheless, any other research field related to musical analysis will also be welcome.

  • Studies in performance and analysis: the artistic research perspective

  • Music analysis and theory in instrumental teaching and composition courses

  • Music analysis and theory in the history of style

  • Music analysis and theory in relation to other disciplinary contexts

  • Epistemological aspects in the analysis and performance context

  • Aural music analysis, psychology and analysis

  • Studio and stage: popular-music performance and recording

  • The role of practices in musical analysis and experience

  • Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001): analytical and performative perspectives

    Conference Proposal Categories

    1. Individual or multi-authored presentation (duration 20' plus 10' for discussion)
    2. Thematic sessions (three or four papers, each lasting 20 'plus 10' for discussion);
    3. Concert-analysis (15-20 minutes of talk, 15-20 minutes of recital, 10-15 minutes for discussion; 50 minutes in total).
    4. Multimedia posters * (15 minutes pre-recorded and 5 minutes Q&A).
    * A multimedia poster is a poster in PowerPoint format, which allows for the inclusion of movies and other multimedia formats, encouraging to take advantage of the versatility of these mediums. The multimedia posters will be displayed in a dedicated session.

    Official languages

    The official languages of the conference are Italian and English. Speakers are invited to prepare abstracts and presentation slides preferably in both languages (Italian and English).

    Guidelines for submitting proposals

    Each proposal must contain two files:

    File 1

    file name: SURNAME_PROPOSTA_SALERNO2022.
    PDF format
    The document must not contain any reference to the author (or authors). Each proponent must remove any personal references from the file properties as well.
    The document must contain:

  1. Title of the proposal

  2. Abstract of the proposal (min. 500 – max. 700 words, including any examples),

  3. Max. 5 references.

  4. 5 keywords.

In addition to File 1, the Concert-Analysis proposals must also contain:

  1. file in .pdf format of the piece to be performed.

  2. video recording (at least 3 minutes) of the proposed performance

File 2

file name: SURNAME_INFO_SALERNO2022. PDF format

File 2

must contain:

1. Author(s) name and affiliation;

2. Title of the proposal;

3. Curriculum vitae (max 200 words);

4. Email address;

5. Essential technical equipment.

Thematic session

Thematic Session proposals must be sent by a single proponent who attaches as many copies of File 1 and File 2 as there are authors (each copy should conform to the criteria specified above). The proposer must also attach an additional file containing the title and a 250-words (max) summary of the session as a whole. Please name this last file SURNAME [of the proponent] SINTESI_SALERNO2022 and use the same name in the subject of the email.

How to apply

The proposal must be sent to the address convegnoannuale@gatm.it, and the name of File 1 SURNAME_PROPOSTA_SALERNO2022 must be entered as the subject of the email. In the case of thematic sessions, the summary-file name (SURNAME [of the proponent] SINTESI_SALERNO2022) should be entered as the subject of the email instead.


The deadline for submitting proposals is May 31, 2022.

Evaluation process and results

The proposals will be subjected to double-blind evaluation. Each proposal included in a Thematic Session will be evaluated separately, and the Session will only be confirmed if at least three proposals are accepted. Otherwise, the Scientific and Organizing Committee may consider to include the accepted proposals in the conference program as individual presentations. The results of the evaluation process will be communicated to the proponents by 30 June 2022.

Conference booklet and publications

By 31 July 2022, the authors of the accepted proposals must send an abstract of no more than 300 words (in .doc or .odt format) without examples, tables, and figures, to be published in the Conference booklet.
The Scientific Committee of the Conference will select some presentations on the basis of originality and consistency to be recommended to the editorial committees of the journals RATM and Analitica, who will consider their publication.

Registration fees

Registration for the Conference will be open on the website starting from 1 July 2022

Registration before 01.09.22     Registration after 01.09.22

Speaker (Member)

20 euro                                         30 euro

Student speaker (Member)

10 euro                                         20 euro

Attending Member

-----                                                 -----

Non-member speaker

50 euro                                          70 euro

Non-member student speaker

30 euro                                         50 euro

Non-Member Participant

30 euro                                          50 euro

NB: In the case of proposals with multiple authors, registration will be mandatory only for the authors who will attend the Conference. Other authors may subscribe to the GATM.

Recommendations for proponents

The abstract must briefly describe the study and must address the following points:

  • State the topic and research question;

  • Present the background and provide references to existing literature on the topic;

  • Aims of the study or research;

  • Describe the analytical and/or research method;

  • Present specific results;

  • Conclusion and Implications.

    Evaluation criteria

    The proposals are evaluated by the members of the Scientific Committee, who express their opinion on a scale from 1 to 5 for each of the following criteria:

  • Consistency with the chosen themes;

  • Importance and relevance of the background;

  • Clarity of objectives;

  • Methodological rigor;

  • Originality and interest of the results;

  • Potential impact through the development, dissemination and use of the results;

  • Accurate language and academic writing.

    At the end of the evaluation process, the Authors will receive the outcome of the evaluation from the Scientific Committee

    Writing your proposal:

  • Topic: indicate the thematic area to which the abstract refers, highlighting whether the research is theoretical, philosophical, empirical or analytical and whether the analysis refers to a specific style or piece.

  • Clarity: indicate research objectives, study methods, and results. In other words, the proposal must describe the development of the study with the clearest language.

  • Consistency: the study has to avoid contradictions or divergences arising between its objectives, study methods, and results.

  • Previous studies: mention the main literature already published on the topic, with an essential bibliography highlighting what is already known about the subject.

  • Originality: the proposal highlights what can be considered innovative and significant, offering something new to the knowledge within its discipline.

  • Writing: the language should be simple and professional, and the style should adhere to academic standards and avoid ambiguity.


For information, please contact us at convegnoannuale@gatm.it

Scientific Committee

Anna Rita Addessi, Mario Carrozzo, Catello Gallotti, Antonio Grande, Marina Mezzina, Egidio Pozzi, Massimo Privitera, Giovanni Vacca

Organising Committee

Matteo Catalano, Gianluca Dai Pra, Catello Gallotti, Luca Giordano, Antonello Mercurio, Marina Mezzina, Ernesto Pulignano, Francesca Seller, Simonetta Sargenti, Giancarlo Turaccio.

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