Antonio Grande


Antonio Grande



Antonio Grande studied composition (F. Donatoni) and musical analysis (M. De Natale). Since 2018 he has been head editor of the International Journal of Musical Analysis and Theory (RATM). He has written numerous analytical articles for journals as Analisi (Ricordi), Spectrum (Curci), RATM (Lim), Quaderni dell’Istituto LisztDe Musica (University of Milan).

His latest publications include “Temporal Perspectives in Scriabin's Late Music” in the recent volume V. Kallis & K. Smith, Demystifying Scriabin, edited by Boydell & Brewer, UK (2022); “Analisi e interpretazione: per una pluralità di scenari” in A. Crea, M. Soveral, S. Zurletti (eds.), Analisi della performance. Un ponte tra teoria e interpretazione, Lim, 2021; “Layers of sense and counterpoint of paradigm. The problem of complexity in music”, in García Manzano, P. L. Gutiérrez, F. Martín Quintero, I. Sánchez López (eds), El análisis musical actual, Editorial Libargo, Granada (E), 2021.

He has also recently published Una rete di ascolti. Viaggio nell'universo musicale neo-Riemanniano (Aracne 2020), a wide-ranging investigation, for the first time in Italy, into this new theoretical/analytical approach. His other publications are Il moto e la quiete. Dinamica delle strutture musicali in età tonale (Aracne 2011) and Lezioni sulla Forma Sonata. Theory and Analysis (UniversItalia 2015).

He has taken part as a speaker in numerous international conferences, such as EuroMAC 2021 (Moscow), Análisis e Interpretación (Barcelona, 2020), Música Analítica (Porto 2019), HarMA Seminar Event (Bruxelles, 2018).

He has given Erasmus lectures at several Conservatories or international Institutions (Malaga, Valencia, Mannheim, Riga, Tallinn, Yasar University of Izmir).

He teaches Analytical Subjects at the Conservatorio “G. Verdi” of Como and in postgraduate courses at the University of Calabria.