Gruppo Analisi e Teoria Musicale

The Gruppo Analisi e Teoria Musical (GATM) is a non-profit scientific Association that gathers scholars from Universities and Music Conservatories with the aim of promoting new analytical and theoretical knowledges in the field of music in Italy. The Association was founded in 1989 by five musicological associations and in 2002 it became an association of individual scholars. On the GATM website you can find all the necessary information about the activities of the Association, together with information on publications and how to sign up.

Anyone interested in GATM activities may become a member of the Association and parcitipate in the organization of its activities.

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XIX Convegno Internazionale di Analisi e Teoria Musicale - Proroga scadenza

XIX Convegno Internazionale di Analisi e Teoria Musicale -  Proroga scadenza



XIX International Conference of Music Analysis and Theory

Call for Papers

XIX International Conference of Music Analysis and Theory

New boundaries between...


GATM membership/subscription to RATM since January 1, 2020

To become a GATM member and to get the Rivista di Teoria e Analisi Musicale go to the page "Subscription".


Government of the Association

Egidio Pozzi

Executive Board
Egidio PozziAntonello Mercurio (vice-president), Fabio De Sanctis De Benedictis (secretary-treasurer).

Scientific Committee
Mario BaroniRossana DalmonteFabio De Sanctis De BenedictisCatello GallottiAntonello MercurioMarina MezzinaEgidio PozziMassimo PriviteraMarco Stassi.

Supervisory Committee
Anna Rita Addessi, Anna Maria Bordin, Johannella Tafuri

Abilitazione scientifica nazionale (National Scientific Qualification)

The Rivista di Teoria e Analisi Musicale (RATM) has been included by the ANVUR among the Class A journals for Area 10 - Scienze dell'antichità, filologico-letterarie e storico-artistiche. The updating has been published on the ANVUR website on October 31, 2018, and is active since July 2018.

The RATM is a peer reviewd journal founded by the GATM in 1994. It publishes studies in English and Italian on the analysis of musical repertoires and practices of any historical period, genre, style, and geographical area.

Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale