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Pratica variazionale nella musica di Bruno Bettinelli

Matteo Catalano - pag. 121-154

In this paper I study the transformational characteristics existing between given musical objects. The aim is develop hypothesis on the kinetic energy of a certain musical fragment, starting from different amount of energy connected with particular transformational actions. Taking the cue from the methodology exposed in J. Straus [2003], I define specific transformational type, that is a transformation which has given characteristic in the voice-leading between two collections. It becomes possible to study specific path of voice-leading, set side by side with specific listening way characterized by a greater or smaller variational density. On the basis of this requirement, I define both the action space unique of each transformation and how this space action interpolate himself with the complex tem- porality of a bigger musical fragment. The transformation becomes the medium by means of perceive the development of the musical structure. Each system of voice-leading is related to a specific transformational type, that is classify like an action carried out on a musical object, turned into a modification of his internal characteristic. In each transformation is inherent a specific capacity to preserve the intervallic identity of the starting object, that is inversely proportional to the energy of the transformation. This study could be developed with: a) an extension of the analyzable repertory by the same analytical strategy; b) a more detailed study, on a more psychological view, of a possible parallel between the transformational type and our perceptual and cognitive capacity.

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